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    UNIT Ⅰ九大主题词汇

  一 计算机、通讯类

  1 计算机

  commit computer crimes 进行电脑犯罪活动

  Most computer crimes can be traced back to hackers. 大多数计算机犯罪都是电脑黑客干的。

  access the Internet 进入互联网

  accomplish the operation simply with a click of the keys 敲击键盘即可完成操作

  administrator 管理员

  auto search 自动搜索

  bandwidth 宽带

  be multilingual 可以使用多种语言

  be networked with … 与…联网

  be no longer imaginary 不再是幻想

  blogger 写博客的人

  chat on-line in Internet 网上聊天

  distance learning 远程教育

  on shopping on-line 进行网上购物

  facilitate the growth of the cyber-economy 推动网络经济的发展

  Internet café 网吧

  Internet fans 网迷

  Internet geek/netter 网虫

  Internet video chat 网上视频聊天

  It is difficult to know whether the information on the Internet is reliable or not. 很难确定互联网上的信息是否可靠。

  Millions of computers are connected to one another in a worldwide network called Internet. 不计其数台电脑在世界范围内互相联系在一起称作互联网

  Printed sources continue to remain an important method for researching materials. 使用印制资料仍然是获得研究资源的重要方法。

  provide on-line employment services to job seekers 为求职者提供网上择业服务

  There is an advantage to being multilingual. 懂得多种语言很有益处。

  with the gradual popularization of the Internet 随着互联网的不断普及

  put out your message through E-mail 使用电子邮件发出讯息

  net-addiction 网瘾

  provide entertainment in the form of computerized games 提供电子游戏形式的娱乐

  2 其他通讯手段

  allow people to carry telephone with them all the time 使人们能够随时随身携带电话

  Calls were connected manually by switchboard operators. 过去电话由接员人工接通。

  Cellular telephones are portable units that can be used away from home. 手机是出门在外也可以使用的便携装置。

  Cellular telephones can be used to access information virtually anywhere and anytime. 手机实际上可以用于随时随地接收信息。

  make wireless communication possible 使无线通讯成为可能

  phone can connect to the Internet 手机可以连接到互联网

  send a short text message to sb.’s cell phone 给某人的手机发短信

  cable television systems 有线电视系统

  digital television 数字电视

  pick up the signals from satellites 通过卫星接收信号

  provide a large number of (many more) channels 提供很多(更多)频道

  satellite television service 卫星电视业务

  advances in digital communications 数字通讯的发展

  improve the quality and efficiency of telecommunication 提高远程通讯的质量和效率

  modern digital telecommunication 现代数字远程通讯

  send messages faster and more accurately 更快、更准确地传送信息


  1 旅游业

  About six or seven percent of the Gross National Product comes from tourism. 国民生产总值的6%-7%来自旅游业。

  be one of the major industries of this country 是该国主要产业之一

  belong to the service industry 属于服务性行业

  benefit through peaceful development and cultural understanding 从和平发展和文化认同中获益

  carry exchange and investment to … 吸引交流和投资到…

  focus attention on the role tourism can play in elimination of poverty 重视旅游业对消除贫困的作用

  serve as a dynamic catalyst of emploment, wealth, investment and poverty elimination 对就业、财富、投资和摆脱贫困起到有力的催化作用

  Tourism business preserves cultural and heritage traditions. 旅游业保护传统和文化遗产。

  do-it-yourself/independent travel 自助游

  during the height of travel 在旅游的高峰季节

  golden week for tourism 旅游黄金周

  visit historic sites/spots 参观历史名胜

  2 农业

  be not fertile enough to justify cropping 不够肥沃,所以不值得耕种

  cultivate inferior 开垦贫瘠土地

  The supply of good land is limited. 良田资源是有限的。

  to feed a large population 养活众多的人口

  cause pollution and health problems 引起污染和健康问题

  chemical fertilizer 化肥

  destroy harmful insects 消灭害虫

  Insecticides also kill helpful insects. 杀虫剂也会杀死益虫。

  save water during irrigation 节水灌溉

  use up ground water 用尽地面水

  increase food production to help feed the growing world population 提供粮食产量为不断增加的世界人口提供食物

  keep soil from drying out and prevents the loss of soil 避免土壤干化和流失

  One important form of soil conservation is the use of windbreaks. 土壤保持的一个重要方法是利用防风林。

  be carried out in a way that does not damage the environment 以一种不破环环境的方式被执行

  avoid a possible grain shortage 避免可能出现的粮食短缺

  deserve to be called a broad-minded policy 应被视为有长远眼光的策略

  invest more in agricultural technology 加大对于农业科技的投资

  Sustainable development methodes are designed to save resources. 开展可持续发展的目的在于节约资源。


  3 政治

  Political systems have evolves over several centuries. 政治制度是经历了好几个世纪的发展演变而来的。

  undergo an economic and political transformation 经历经济和政治变革

  well handle the relations among reform, development and stability 妥善处理改革、发展和稳定之间的关系

  accoplish the great cause of national reunification 完成祖国统一大业

  contribute to international peace and prosperity 为国际和平和繁荣作贡献

  4 经济

  attract more foreign investment 吸引更多外国投资

  resources-efficient development mode 有效利用资源型发展模式

  sharpen the international competitiveness 加强国际竞争力

  secure the fair competition on the marker 保障市场上公平竞争

  place emphasis on the future development 强调未来发展

  try to gain a large market share 谋求更大的市场份额

  maintain the competitiveness in market contests 保持在市场竞争中的竞争力

  reserve and promote the sound and cooperative economic and trade tries between the two countries 保持和促进两国之间稳健合作的经济和贸易联系

  三 教育、就业类

  1 教育

  achieve universal comsulsory education 普及全民义务教育

  adult education 成人教育

  conduct the education of the younger generation 对年轻一代进行教育

  special education for the disabled children 为残疾儿童开设特殊教育

  spread education 推广教育

  take education seriously 重视教育

  be firmly convinced that education pays 坚信受教育是有益的

  borrow heavily from the western traditions in education 在教育上大量借鉴西方惯例

  develop a well-informed, critically thinking, and civically engaged citizenry 培养知识丰富、善于独立思考、能很好履行义务的公民

  Family education is as important as public education. 家庭教育和学校教育一样重要。

  Knowledge is priceless treasure. 知识是无价之宝。

  talent training and quality education 人才培养和素质教育

  transmit to youth the best of our culture 将我们最优秀的文化传给青年一代

  understand the necessity of education 懂得教育的必要性

  alleviate/reduce/lighten burdens on the students of elementary and secondary schools 减轻中小学生负担

  arouse attention from all sectors of society 引起全社会的注意

  call for alleviating burdens on students 呼吁减轻学生负担

  Children get a better education today than at any time in the past. 今天的孩子受的教育比以往任何时候都要好。

  Edution must be conbined with practice. 教育必须与实践相结合。

  A college education in the United States in expensive. 美国大学教育的费用昂贵。

  Increasing enrollment causes a sharp rise in educational costs. 扩大招生导致教育费用急剧上升。

  Students pay their tuition fees and living costs from income earned through the work-study program. 学生用勤工俭学的收入缴纳学习费用和生活费用。

  2 教学及教学方法

  adopt a new approach in teaching 在教学中采用一套新做法

  allow more time for individual instrucion and group discussion 给予更多时间做个人指导和小组讨论

  impart knowledge to one’s students 把知识传授给学生

  involve both bearning and teaching 涉及教与学两方面

  make radical improvements in teaching 从根本上改进教学

  stick to the traditional teaching methods 固守传统教学法

  teach students according to their aptitude 因材施教

  3 教学管理


  abide by the school rules 遵守学校的规章

  collect subscription for the putting up of a charity school 募捐筹建慈善学校

  found an establishment of a private school 建立私利学校

  make the most economical of school facilities 充分利用学校资源

  part-work and part-study school 半工半读学校


  be a good student in comparison with sb. 与某人相比,算是好学生

  be concerned about the students ideology 从思想上关心学生

  be heavily burdened with schoolwork 学校功课负担太重

  dropouts 辍学者

  encourage the students to think their own thoughts 鼓励学生独立思考

  errors common among students 学生常犯的错误

  give heart to students 鼓励学生

  give individual attention to each student 给每个学生以个别关注

  Good teachers impart wisdom to his students. 好老师赋予学生智慧。

  It is the duty of a student to study hard. 努力学习是学生的本分。

  self-supporting graduate student 自费研究生

  try one’s best to have the students take the initiative in learning 尽力调动学生的学习积极性



  a developing borderline science 一门正在发展的边缘科学

  an extensive subject 一门内容广博的学科

  complete undergraduate study 完成本科学业

  inspire self-conscious debates over the worth of a business degree 引发有关工商学位价值的讨论

  Science and technology are productive forces. 科学技术是生产力。

  this subject and its numerous ramifications 这门学科以及它的许多分支


  a great number of students are enrolled in … 大量学生报名…

  approaches to teaching science and math vary 科学课和数学课的教学方法有所不同

  arrange the curriculum 安排课程

  at the end of the course 结业时

  Graduate study is more intensive and specialized. 研究生学习更精深、更专业。

  have less courses, but in greater depth 课程少一些,但更深入

  non-required subjects 选修课


  a form of application for enrollment 大学申请表

  enroll in a college without being strongly motivated 不迫切希望报名就读某大学

  enter for an examination 报名参加考试

  Entrance requirements differ greatly. 入学条件很不一样。

  increase enrollment 扩招


  acknowledge a diploma of graduation 公证一份学位证书

  be granted an official certificate from … 被授予由…颁发的正式证书

  confer diplomas on members of the graduating class 向毕业生颁发学位证

  education with record of formal schooling 学历教育

  obtain a license or a certificate for one’s job or career 获得从事自己工作或职业的执照或证书

  pursue graduate study 读研究生

  try to obtain the undergraduate diploma through self-taught study 试图通过自学获得本科文凭


  adopt an academic credit system 采取学分制

  be a student of fine qualities and fine scholar 品学兼优

  broad mental development 全面的智能发展

  develop an interest in learning 培养学习兴趣

  drop out of school 退学

  further education 深造

  implementing the new standards 实施新的标准

  investigate all sides of a question and all possible solutions to a problem 调查研究问题的各个方面及各种可能的解决方法

  learn admission status 了解录取情况

  letter of recommendation 推荐信

  meet the standards 符合标准

  possess both political integrity and professional ability 德才兼备

  shake their confidence 动摇他们的信心

  4 学习


  achieve the goal one has set for oneself 达到为自己确立的目标

  be completely absorbed in study 把精力完全贯注在学习上

  derive pleasure from one’s studies 从学习中获得乐趣

  distract one’s mind from one’s study 分散某人学习的注意力

  learn through one’s valuable experience 从自己宝贵的经验中学习

  neglect one’s studies 忽视自己的学习

  place the study ahead of anything else 把学习放在第一位

  stimulate oneself to study 发奋学习

  study harder under the stimulus of praise 在表扬的激励下更加努力学习

  study assiduously and perseveringly 持之以恒地刻苦学习


  gain new insights through restudying old material 温故而知新

  lay the basis for further study 为进一步深造奠定基础

  store/stock one’s mind with knowledge 用知识充实头脑

  Unless you study hard you will not pass the exam. 除非你用功,否则不会及格


  a certificate examination 证书考试

  be quite confident of passing the examination 坚信自己能通过考试

  conduct an examination 举行考试

  gain distinction in the examination 考试成绩优秀

  take part in the entrance exams for graduate school 考研

  We should study hard at ordinary times to avoid making a frantic last-minute effort. 我们应该平时多烧香,免得考试时临时抱佛脚。


  hand in an examination 交卷

  machine scoring 机器阅卷

  take a written examination 参加笔试


  become complacent over any success 一有成绩就自满起来

  carry forward one’s achievements 发扬成绩

  come off with honors 以优异成绩通过

  measure sb.’s success 衡量某人的成绩



  attent the graduation ceremony 参加毕业典礼

  be assigned to work in the remote region after graduation 毕业后分配到边远地区

  be recommended to the postgraduate school after completing one’s regular college course 本科毕业后直升研究生

  begin to work soon after graduating 毕业后不久开始工作

  Entrance into college means employment security. 进入大学意味着工作有了保障。

  fill all requirements for graduation 具备毕业的一切条件

  gain graduate certificate/receive a diploma 获得学位证书

  have independent mind 会独立思考

  make full use of talents 使人尽其才

  The job hunt faces this year’s graduates. 本届毕业生面临就业问题。

  university student’s innovative undertaking 大学生创业

  young people on the threshold of life 刚刚进入社会的年轻人

  5 就业

  accept the editorship of a magazine 接受一家杂志的编辑工作

  acquire a key position in an eminent company 在一著名公司身居要职

  be assigned to the position of … 被分配…的工作

  be rapt in one’s new job 把精力贯注在新工作上

  engage upon a new position 从事新职业

  permanent occupation 固定职业

  secure a more lucrative employment 获得一份赚钱更多的职业

  seek a steady and well-paid job 找到既稳定有待遇优厚的工作

  allow employees to contribute and to feel powerful and important 让员工尽责尽力并意识到自己的作用和重要性

  workaholic 工作狂

  be adequate for the job 能够胜任工作

  be devoid of professional sense 缺乏职业观念

  be very conscientious in one’s work 对工作负责

  Hard and honest work is the surest way to establishment. 努力而诚实的工作是最可靠的成功之道。

  keep pounding away at one’s work 持续努力工作

  measure up to one’s job in every way 各方面都能胜任工作

  put one’s whole soul into one’s work 全神贯注工作

  dedicate the great portion of one’s life to … 把一生的大部分时间致力于…

  take pay cuts 接受降薪

  an army of the unemployed 失业大军

  since depression began 自从经济萧条开始以来

  unemployment insurance/payments 失业保险/救助金

  be fired 被解雇

  be the right person 是合适的人选

  go for the job interview 参加求职面试

  go job hunting in the web 上网求职

  rely on one’s own skills and capabilities for one’s success 依赖自己的技能和能力获得成功

  think sb.’s is qualified for the job 认为某人有资格胜任这份工作

  be optimistic and cooperative 乐观向上,善于与人协作

  get second starts in careers that have greater appeal to … 重新开始一份对…有更大吸引力的工作

  四 家庭类

  1 老年人

  guarantee for old age security 给老年人提供保障

  live on pension 靠养老金生活

  build up homes for the aged 建造老人院

  As one gets older, he is more liable to have health problems. 年纪大了容易添病。

  Movement becomes difficult with age. 随着年事的增高行动变得困难。

  The vigor of a person’s body lessens as he grows old. 人到老年体力就变弱了。

  be calculated to prolong one’s life 延年益寿

  think young and stay young 精神年轻就能保持年轻

  three important things for a long old life: fresh air, fresh food, simple life 长寿的三要素:新鲜空气、新鲜食物、简单生活

  Medical expenses remain a serious problem for the aged. 医疗开支对于老年人是很大的困难。

  be lonely and starving for companionship 因孤独而渴望有人作伴

  keep active, alert and open-minded 保持积极向上、机敏和开朗

  The worst problems of the old age are health, loneliness and personal sagety. 老年人最可怕的问题是健康、孤独和个人安全。

  have a close relationship with their children 与子女保持密切关系

  The old and the young do not always understand each other. 老年人与年轻人往往不能互相理解。

  China is a nation that is proud of the virtue of filial piety. 中国是一个以孝道为自豪的民族。

  Filial piety is defined as “a son’s or daughter’s obedience to and respect for parents”. 孝顺指的是儿女对父母的顺从和尊敬。

  have the duty to support and assist one’s parents 有赡养扶助父母的义务

  We should be considerate of the comfort of old people. 我们应该为老年人的舒适着想。


  Changes have taken place in the roles of women in society. 妇女在社会中的作用发生了变化。

  abolish all inequalities 消除各个方面的不平等

  adhere to the principle of equality 坚持平等的原则

  compete with men in the professions on equal terms 在职业生涯上在同等条件下与男人竞争

  eliminate sexual discrimination 消除性别歧视

  enter the labor force 参加到劳动力大军中来

  liberate women from the kitchen 把妇女从厨房中解放出来



  arrange for one’s children’s education 安排子女的教育事宜

  give their children a first-rate education 使得孩子受到第一流的教育

  have no control over the children at all 一点也管不住自己的孩子

  make children fit to live in a society 使孩子们适合在社会中生存

  Parents should be responsible for their child’s behavior. 父母应对子女的行为负责。

  A judicious parent encourages his children to decide many things for themselves. 明智的父母会让孩子在许多事情上自己做决定。

  All their affection is centered on their children. 他们的全部爱都集中在孩子身上。

  be too permissive with their children 对孩子有求必应

  be addicted to net games 迷恋网络游戏

  be easily affected 易受影响

  be self-centered 以自我为中心

  develop strong dislike for studying 对读书产生强烈的反感情绪

  have premature love affairs 早恋

  never attain any independence and initiative 没有养成独立性和自觉性

  play truant 逃学

  suffer from nervousness, anxiety, depression and so on 感到紧张、不安、压抑等

  have heart-to-heart chats with them 与他们倾心交谈

  help sb. out of his honeliness 帮助某人摆脱孤独

  open the hot line 开通热线

  set a good example to his children 为孩子树立好榜样

  五 文化类

  bring culture to people 向人们传播文化

  culture industry 产业文化

  screen cultrue 影视文化

  classical art 古典艺术

  costume art 服装艺术

  programs for prime time 黄金时段节目

  chrity performance 义演

  appear in public 出现在公众面前

  be well received/receive a warm welcome/be most welcome 受欢迎

  big shot/top notch 大腕

  enjoy privileges 享受特权

  invite movie stars, sports stars or celebrities in entertainment or literature circles to shoot TV advertisements 请电影明星、体育明星、文艺界名人拍电视广告

  seek celebrity charm 追求明星效应

  successfully play to the gallery 成功地迎合低级趣味,讨好观众

  be careful about which program one wants to watch and which program one doesn’t 谨慎决定自己要看什么节目,不看什么节目

  be both instructive and entertaining 既有教益又有娱乐性

  play a posive/negative role in the life 在生活中起积极/消极作用

  depend on what a person’s life-style is 取决于个人生活方式

  occupy one’s spare time 占据业余时间

  seldom think of the effect the program/show will have on sb. 很少考虑节目对某人的影响

  Television itself is neither good nor bad. 电视本身无所谓好或坏。

  watch rubbishy commercials 看低劣的电视广告

  escape from the boredom of daily life 逃离乏味的日常生活

  culture shock 文化冲击

  experience a different culture 体验不同的文化

  get into touch with other cultures 接触其他文化

  immerse oneself in different cultures 深入了解不同的文化

  know how people live in defferent parts of the world 了解世界其他地方人们如何生活

  truly expand one’s mind 真正开阔眼界

  widen/broaden/expand one’s mind 使心胸开阔

  cultivate one’s tastes and relax 陶冶情操并休闲放松

  far away from modern civilization 远离现代文明

  It is not the fashion to do … 现在不时兴…

  be too busy to find time to pursue a hobby 忙得无暇从事业余爱好活动

  take hobbies to develop new interests 从事业余爱好活动以发展新的兴趣

  六 医药、健康类

  cultivate/develop healthy habits in daily life 在日常生活中培养健康的习惯

  form good living habits and reform the bad ones 养成良好的生活习惯并摒弃坏的习惯

  live a healthy and productive life 生活健康向上

  Ads are not a good source of health care advice. 对广告做得保健宣传不能太相信。

  have to adapt to environment declines 不得不适应恶化的环境

  improve the health of the people 提高人民健康水平

  七 自然与环境

  accept the need for conservation of natural resources 认识到保护自然资源的必要

  accept the need for conservation of wildlife resources 认识到保护野生动物的必要

  be graceful for the benefits which nature has so 感谢大自然对我们的慷慨恩赐

  follow the inexorable law of nature 遵循大自然的必然规律

  the problems of the world water resources 世界水资源问题

  limitable/limited resources 有限的资源

  make full use of our nature conditions 最大限度地利用我们的自然条件

  put particular emphasis on the preservation of natural resources 重视保护自然资源

  the effect of physical environment upon man’s life 自然环境对人类生活的影响

  utilize all available resources/put all available resources to use 利用一切可能的资源

  bring unnecessary destruction to natural resources 对自然资源造成不必要的破坏

  violate the rules of nature 违反自然规律

  A great tidal wave swept the coast. 强大的海啸席卷沿海地区。

  be plagued with soil erosion 遭受水土流失的困扰

  global warming 全球变暖

  have a severe shock of earthquake 经受一次大地震

  suffer a calamity 遭受灾害

  make preparations against natural disaster 为预防自然灾害做准备

  establish a stable balance of nature 建立自然的稳定平衡

  recover from the effects of natural disasters 从自然灾害的影响中恢复过来

  Any change will affect our life and our environment. 任何变化都会影响我们的生活和环境。

  Means of modern transportation consume too much energy. 现代交通工具消耗过多能源。

  An ecosystem must remain stable. 生态系统必须保持稳定。

  ecological construction 生态建设

  environmental greening 环境绿化

  八 社会问题类

  A major purpose of advertising is to construct a positive image about a company’s name and products. 广告宣传的一个主要目的之一是公司的声明和产品打造良好形象。

  Advertising has become an indispensable means of selling goods. 广告宣传已成为产品销售的一个不可或缺的手段。

  cheeky television ads 厚颜无耻的电视广告

  exaggerated ads 夸大其词的广告

  False ads jeopardize consumer rights. 虚假广告侵犯消费者的权利。

  comply with the consumer protection law 遵守消费者保护法

  violate the consumer rights 侵犯消费者的权利

  avoid being a victim of fraud 避免成为欺诈受害者

  be held accountable for the violation of law 被追究违法责任

  piracy thriving in the virtual world 虚拟世界猖獗的盗版行为

  take drastic actions against pirated goods 盗版商品的价值

  九 体育类

  Ball games are widespread. 球类运动很流行。

  be in top condition at all times 随时保持最佳竞技状态

  be keen on surfing 喜欢冲浪运动

  be vigorous rather than skilful 与其说是身手不凡不如说是强壮有力

  an upsurge in sports activities 体育运动热潮

  develop mass sports activities 开展群众性体育运动

  encourage athletics 鼓励开展体育运动

  Exercise is the necessary to strengthen the body. 运动对于强身健体是必要的。

  Exercise is the best preservative of health. 运动是最好的保健品。

  Exercise makes one strong. 生命在于运动。

  practice wholesome exercise 从事有益健康运动

  Relaxation exercises can free your body of tension. 放松运动可松缓身体的紧张。

  Sports may be a safety valve for people’s violent feelings. 运动是可以使人的强烈感情得以发泄的稳妥方式。

  take regular exercise in the open 经常参加户外运动

  an unique heritage 独特的遗产

  carry forward the spirit of Olympics 发扬奥运精神

  build up a good physique to defend the country 锻炼身体,保卫祖国

  Do not become cocky/be dizzy with success, nor downcast over/discouraged by defeat. 胜不骄,败不馁。

  high-morale and strong will; high-spirited and firmly-determinded 昂扬的斗志和顽强的毅力

  in the true spirit of the sportmanship 以真正的体育道德精神

  spiritual pillar 精神支柱


  UNIT Ⅱ 27个写作高频语汇

  反面案例:good, I think

  1 good的表达:

  味觉 tasty, delicious, sweet

  嗅觉 fragrant, delicious

  视觉 beautiful, handsome, lovely,

  触觉 smooth, soft,

  通用词 satisfied, terrific, encouraged, positive,

  good man          good teacher

  good student        good book

  good advice         bad

  Top student, brilliant student, outstanding student

  Well-written, classic, thought-provoking,

  Helpful, useful,

  Negative, depressing, frightful

  2 I think 表达的多样性


  assume, argue, emphasize, insist, hold, consider, find, suggest, regard


  In my opinion,

  As far as I am concerned,

  For my part,

  As for me,

  When it comes to me,

  In my point of view,  

  3 危害 harm—damage, destroy, undermine

  do harm to/do good to

  do more harm than good

  do more good than harm

  4 获得 get—obtain, acquire  语域

  5 解决 solve—settle, tackle, overcome

  6 问题/ problem—trouble, headache, crisis, disaster

  7 著名的famous—Prestigious, enjoy a high reputation                  

  8 严重的 serious—severe, grave                    

  9 快乐的 happy— Happiness, happily, make sb. happy

  10 很多 many—Numerous, countless, a great number of                 

  11 各种各样的many kinds of — various kinds of/ all sorts of/ diverse kinds of

  12 显然地obviously — evidently

  13 我相信I believe— I insist/ I maintain/ I am convinced

  14 光明的未来bright future—brilliant / splendid/ promising

  15 “问题”短语总汇

  着手解决问题 address the problem/issue

  减缓问题的危害性 alleviate the problem


  使问题变得更加严重make the problem worse,complicate the problem

  16 误导mislead、misdirect、misguide 


  18 集中精力focus on、concentrate on


  19 随着

  1) Along with the development of…     随着经济的发展

  Along with the growth of …       随着人口的增长

  Along with the wide use of …      随着互联网的广泛使用      

  2) There is a growing tendency for…to …

  3) As the modern society has entered an information age /digital age /cyber age /Internet age,                            

  20 时常more often than not /frequently


  21 流行fashion / prevail / popularity / prevalence

  22 准备做set out to do/ be ready to do

  23 过多的excessive, immoderate, rampant  

  24 巨大的huge / tremendous / enormous / massive

  25 毫无疑问 There is no denying that…

  It goes without saying that…

  Without a doubt, …

  Undoubtedly, …

  26 按照,根据

  in light of this/ in terms of/ in view of/ according to

  27 与……有关

  be connected with

  be associated with

  be linked with

  be related to


  Tips: 大学中的专业(理工科)









  Tips: 大学中的专业(文科、艺术类)








  传媒:Mass Media




  UNIT Ⅲ 议论文十四大功能语汇

  1 表示“观点” 





  as busy as a bee

  as blue as sky

  as black as coffee

  as evil as a devil

  as pure as an angel

  as deep as ocean

  as strong as a horse

  2 表示“重视”  give weight to/give stress to/attach importance to


  3 表示“强调”  place weight on/ put emphasis on


  4 表示“赞同”  approve of /vote for /stand by


  5 表示“反对”  disapprove of /object to /be opposed to


  6 表示“努力”

  make every effort to

  many efforts should be made to

  spare no effort to


  7 表示“建议”  

  suggest/ advance/ put forward/


  8 表示“原因” due to/ owing to/

  9 表示“决心”                      

  be determined to

  make up one’s mind to

  be convinced to


  10 表示“结论”

  sb. may come to a conclusion that…

  sb. may arrive at a conclusion that …

  sb. may reach a conclusion that …



  11 表示“坚持” adhere to / insist on 坚持主张persist in

  造句:如果我们相信某件事情是值得做的,就应该坚持去做。 worthwhile

  12 表示“打算”mean to do / intend to do / attempt to do

  13 表示“认识到”be aware of / be conscious of / realize

  14 表示“不同”

  differ from …in…

  be different from…

  vary …in…

  UNIT Ⅳ 造句练习


  1 宾语从句---写作中,宾语从句可用来表达观点。

  I think that I love you。

  主 谓 宾


  1) 很多人认为,那些著名运动员不应该得到那么高的工资。deserve

  2) 经济学家认为,世界经济与原油价格密切相关。Economist  economy

  3) 大学生们认为,应该在四级考试中举行口试。

  4) HR专家认为,自信在面试中至关重要。

  5) 年轻人们觉得跳槽是一件司空见惯的事情。Job-hunting, job-waiting, job-hopping  

  2 It 从句:


  It + be + a/an + 名词+ that…

  It + be + 形容词+ that…

  It + be + 过去分词 + that…

  It + be + a/an + 名词+ that…

  It is good news that…

  It is a good thing that …

  It is no wonder that …

  It is common knowledge that …

  It is a miracle that …。

  It is a pity that …

  It is a shame that …

  It is a fact that…

  It is an honor that …

  It is my belief that …


  1) 有些年轻人不愿意赡养年迈的父母,这是一件令人遗憾的事情。

  2) 我相信这些孩子在灾难之后会回到校园。 

  3) 他居然可以从这次地震当中死里逃生,真是奇迹。 

  4) 一个国家会从大灾难中变得日益强大,这是常识。

  It + be + 形容词+ that…

  It is clear that …

  It is possible that…

  It is certain that …

  It is necessary that …

  It is likely that…

  It is obvious that…

  It is strange that…

  It is fortunate that…

  It is natural that…


  1) 每个人都要爱别人和被别人爱,这是很自然的。

  2) 幸运的是,这个国家的每一位成员都愿意帮助深陷困境的人。  

  3) 显然,强烈的愿望会使得我们成功。 

  4) 大部分年轻人都有必要选择一位合适的偶像去崇拜。                          

  It + be + 过去分词 + that…

  It is reported that…

  It is said that…

  It is believed that…

  It is generally thought that…

  It should be noted that …。

  It has been found that …

  It must be pointed out that…



  1) 据报道,这个超级巨星有成百万的疯狂粉丝。

  2) 必须指出的是,养宠物可以培养孩子的责任心。

  3) 人们相信,中国会在这次经济危机中变得日益强大。

  4) 人们普遍认为,韩国影星Rain还是挺帅的。


  1) That the world is round is a fact。

  2) That smoking can cause cancer is true。

  3) That English is becoming an international language is true。

  4) That Mike failed his English exam was strange。

  5) That he has been late for work over and over again is a serious matter。

  3 定语从句


  案例:God helps those who help themselves。


  1) I am talking about friends who care deeply about each other, who support each other, who make life worth living. I am talking about friends who you can share almost everything with。

  2) He who is not handsome at twenty, nor strong at thirty, nor rich at forty, nor wise at fifty, will never be handsome, strong, rich, or wise。

  3) There is this difference between happiness and wisdom: the person who thinks himself the happiest man really is so; but the person who thinks himself the wisest is generally the greatest fool。

  4) The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page。


  1) I know a friend whose brother is the CEO of IBM。

  2) It was a meeting whose importance I did not realize at the time。

  3) Anger is a wind which blows out the lamp of the mind. 

  4) He likes climbing mountains, which is a good exercise。


  The writer and his novels that the article deals with are quite familiar to us. 


  I will never forget the day when I met you。

  We will put off the outing until next week, when we won’t be so busy。

  March 10, 1876 was the day when the first complete sentence was sent over a telephone。


  This is the town where I spent my childhood。


  1、God helps those who help themselves。


  2、A book that is shut is but a block。


  3、Success is a process that begins from within。


  4、You must do the thing which you suppose you cannot do。


  5、A soldier who does not want to be a marshal is not a good soldier。


  6、There is no path that cannot be traveled。


  7、He laughs best who laughs last。




  1、时间 when, while, as,

  The phone rang while I was taking my bath。

  The door rang while we were watching TV。

  We will leave as soon as it stops raining。

  It began to rain immediately I arrived home。

  注意:by the time 主要用于完成时态。

  By the time I met Lily on campus, I had been love with Rose for 4 years. 

  2、地点 where

  Stay where you are。

  After you finish the book, put it where it was。

  注:也可由wherever, anywhere和everywhere 引导地点状语从句

  Wherever he happens to be, Clint can make himself at home。




  3、原因 because, as, for, since

  Since “既然”

  Since everyone is here, let’s get started。

  4、结果 so…that…, such…that…

  The food is so bad in the school café that flies go there to lose weight。

  So与such 的区别

  He is such a good teacher that everyone likes him。

  He is so good a teacher that everyone likes him。

  5、让步although, though

  6、条件 if, unless, so long as, as long as

  7、目的 in order that…,  so that…

  In Hong Kong, we climbed high so that we could get a better view of the city。


  the more … the more …

  The more she practiced, the worse she sang。

  The more we help others, the more we receive in return。


  In the (same) way that…                                  














  UNIT Ⅴ 文章欣赏


  The quiet life of the country ahs never appealed to me. City born and city bred. I have always regarded the country as something you look at through a train window, or something you occasional visit during the weekend. Most of my friends live in the city, yet they always go into raptures at the mere mention of the country. Though they extol the virtues of the peaceful life, only one of hem has ever gone to live in the country and he was back in town within six months. Even he still lives under the illusion that country life is somehow superior to town life. He is forever talking about the friendly people, the clean atmosphere, the closeness to nature and the gentle pace of living. Nothing can be compared, he maintains, with the first cockcrow, the twittering of birds at dawn, the sight of the rising sun glinting on the trees and pastures. This idyllic pastoral scene is only part of the picture. My friend fails to mention the long and friendless winter evenings in front of the TV -- virtually the only form of entertainment. He says nothing about the poor selection of goods in the shops, or about those unfortunate people who have to travel from the country to the city every day to get to work. Why people are prepared to tolerate a four-hour journey each day for the dubious privilege of living in the country is beyond me. They could be saved so much misery and expense if they chose to live in the city where they rightly belong。

  If you can do without the few pastoral pleasures of the country, you will find the city can provide you with the best that life can offer. You never have to travel miles to see your friends. They invariably lie nearby and are always available for an informal chat or an evening's entertainment. Some of my acquaintances in the country come up to town once or twice a year to visit the theatre as a special treat. For them this is a major operation which involves considerable planning. As the play draws to its close, they wonder whether they will ever catch that last train home. The cit dweller never experiences anxieties of this sort. The latest exhibitions, films, or plays are only a short bus ride away. Shopping, too, is always a pleasure. The latest exhibitions, films, or plays are only a short bus ride away. Shopping, too, is always a pleasure. There is so much variety that you never have to make do with second best. Country people run wild when they go shopping in the city and stagger home loaded with as many of the exotic items as they can carry. Nor is the city without its moments of beauty. There is something comforting about the warm glow shed by advertisements on cold wet winter nights. Few things could be more impressive than the peace that descends on deserted city streets at weekends when the thousands that travel to work every day are tucked away in their homes in the country. It has always been a mystery to me who city dwellers, who appreciate all these things, obstinately pretend that they would prefer to live in the country。


  People travelling long distances frequently have to decide whether they would prefer to go by land, sea, or air. Hardly anyone can positively enjoy sitting in a train for more than a few hours. Train compartments soon get cramped and stuffy. It is almost impossible to take your mind off the journey. Reading is only a partial solution, for the monotonous rhythm of the wheels clicking on the rails soon lulls you to sleep. During the day, sleep comes in snatches. At night, when you really wish to go to sleep, you rarely manage to do so. If you are lucky enough to get a sleeper, you spend half the night staring at the small blue light in the ceiling, or fumbling to find you ticket for inspection. Inevitably you arrive at your destination almost exhausted. Long car journeys are even less pleasant, for it is quite impossible even to read. On motorways you can, at least, travel fairly safely at high speeds, but more often than not, the greater part of the journey is spent on roads with few service stations and too much traffic. By comparison, ferry trips or cruises offer a great variety of civilized comforts. You can stretch your legs on the spacious decks, play games, meet interesting people and enjoy good food -- always assuming, of course, that the sea is calm. If it is not, and you are likely to get seasick, no form of transport could be worse. Even if you travel in ideal weather, sea journeys take a long time. Relatively few people are prepared to sacrifice holiday time for the pleasure of travlling by sea。

  Aeroplanes have the reputation of being dangerous and even hardened travellers are intimidated by them. They also have the disadvantage of being an expensive form of transport. But nothing can match them for speed and comfort. Travelling at a height of 30,000 feet, far above the clouds, and at over 500 miles an hour is an exhilarating experience. You do not have to devise ways of taking your mind off the journey, for an aeroplane gets you to your destination rapidly. For a few hours, you settle back in a deep armchair to enjoy the flight. The real escapist can watch a film and sip champagne on some services. But even when such refinements are not available, there is plenty to keep you occupied. An aeroplane offers you an unusual and breathtaking view of the world. You soar effortlessly over high mountains and deep valleys. You really see the shape of the land. If the landscape is hidden from view, you can enjoy the extraordinary sight of unbroken cloud plains that stretch out for miles before you, while the sun shines brilliantly in a clear sky. The journey is so smooth that there is nothing to prevent you from reading or sleeping. However you decide to spend your time, one thing is certain: you will arrive at your destination fresh and uncrumpled. You will not have to spend the next few days recovering from a long and arduous journey。







  会使用小词:challenge, opportunity等



  用含有否定意思的词表示否定,如:fail to, instead of, rather than, anything but等

  both … and …,not only … but also, not because … but because, more … than等。







  关于,至于:in (with) relation to …; in (with) regard to (of) …; as regards …; as concerns …; in (with) reference to …; in point of …; as to …; regarding/concerning …; with (in) respect to …; be concerned with …

  as far as … be concerned 就…而言 (as far as my knowledge is concerned 据我所知)

  when it comes to … 说到


  agree; appreciate; approve of sth.; assent; be all for …; be commendable; be worthy of praise; consent; commend; deserve commendation; endorse; express agreement with; favor; speak highly of; support; win the approval of …; It stands to reason that …; have good reason to believe


  at first glance it looks as if … but …; but actually; can’t stand the idea that …; differ; disagree; however, in truth …; I can hardly approve of …; I don’t see any advantage in …; in actual fact; in point of fact; in reality, however; it is not my idea that …; it is doubtful that …; it may seem that ….However, …; many people …, but I …; on the surface (it appears as if); one drawback is …; the truth of the matter is …;



  admire; appreciate; acclaim; commend; enjoy; form a high opinion of; have a favorable opinion of; in the opinion of … be right (sound, the best); it is wise (an effective way) to do; make a persuasive argument; regard …as reasonable; share; express the wishes of …; voice the desires of …; combine the advantages of …


  have (form) a low (an ill) opinion of …; be disgusted with …; can’t find evidence to justify …; don’t care for; wonder why …; it’s not practical to do sth.; one drawback is …; That is not my way; seem forced; be offensive to …; what I can’t stand is …; what I am worried about (afraid of) is …


  point to my conclusion…; will share my view; Don’t get me wrong; even if you don’t … I would like to …; agree with … in principle but disagree with … in detail; I assume I have provided plenty of facts …; I can hardly avoid the conclusion; I don’t want to be offensive but; I put up my idea with so many examples that …; if we consider the matter from another angle; in effect, what I am trying to explain is …; in other words; let me accept what they said as true for now but …; let me make it simpler; my analysis, though not pleasing (satisfactory) to some people, …; my conclusion (judgment) will be proved by facts; my experience told me …; my article indicated clearly …; … is not what I meant


  all things considered; allowing for the fact that …; considering …; considered scientifically; even if it is so; (even) taking … into consideration; keeping … in mind; on second thought; that would be great except …


  because; as; since; for; so; thus; then; now that; so … that; so that; such … that; due to; thanks to; owing to; in order to; in other that …; on account of; for this (that) reason; for one thing … for another …; result from …; cause; lead to; the reason for (why, that); by reason of


  as a result; as a consequence; the result of …; consequently; logically; similarly; therefore; accordingly


  there are exceptions; an exception to that is; not include; except that; one exception is; except for; except; with the exception of (that)


  by way of examples; in illustration of; such as; like; and so on; and so forth; are good examples of; is a case of; is a case in point; take one example to do; provide examples of; illustrate examples from; draw (find) examples from (in, among) …


  according to … group; divide; classify … based on …; be graded as; classification; constitute the striking features; belong to; be classed depending on …; be defined as …; be regarded as …; refer to …; stand for …



  while; whereas; however; nevertheless; but; though; similarly; likewise; in comparison with; in contrast to (with) …; contrasted with …; compared with …; be similar (alike) in …; be the same as …; bear the similarity to …; there is a similarity of … to …; be dissimilar to (from, with) …; be different from …; the difference between (of) … and …


  First (firstly), … Second (secondly), … Third (thirdly), …Finally, …

  In the first place, …In the second place, … In the third place, …

  To begin with, … What’s more, … Besides, …


  to sum up; conclude; in conclusion; in short; generally speaking; in general; generally; to summarize; in brief; to make a long story short; all in all; in the end; by and large

  解决:solve, resolve, deal with, cope with, handle, tackle

  消除:get rid of, eradicate, eliminate

  依赖:rely on, depend on, count on

  十分:very much, immensely, hugely, largely, greatly, enormously, tremendously

  损害:damage, hurt, injure, harm, impair

  给予:give, offer, render, impart, provide

  发展:develop, cultivate, foster

  优势:advantage, merit, virtue, benefit, upside, strength

  缺陷:disadvantage, detect, demerit, drawback, downside, weakness


  1、Practice makes perfect. 熟能生巧。

  2、God helps those who help themselves. 天助自助者。

  3、Easier said than done. 说起来容易做起来难。

  4、Where there is a will, there is a way. 有志者事竟成。

  5、One false step will make a great difference. 失之毫厘,谬之千里。

  6、Slow and steady wins the race. 稳扎稳打无往而不胜。

  7、A fall into the pit, a gain in your wit. 吃一堑,长一智。

  8、Experience is the mother of wisdom. 实践出真知。

  9、All work and no play makes jack a dull boy. 只工作不休息,聪明孩子也变傻。

  10、Beauty without virtue is a rose without fragrance. 无德之美犹如没有香味的玫瑰,徒有其表。

  11、More hasty, less speed. 欲速则不达。

  12、It's never too old to learn. 活到老,学到老。

  13、All that glitters is not gold. 闪光的未必都是金子。

  14、A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step。千里之行始于足下。

  15、Look before you leap. 三思而后行。

  16、Rome was not built in a day. 伟业非一日之功。

  17、Great minds think alike. 英雄所见略同。

  18、Well begun, half done. 好的开始等于成功的一半。

  19、It is hard to please all. 众口难调。

  20、Out of sight, out of mind. 眼不见,心不念。

  21、Facts speak plainer than words. 事实胜于雄辩。

  22、Call back white and white back. 颠倒黑白。

  23、First things first. 凡事有轻重缓急。

  24、Ill news travels fast. 坏事传千里。

  25、A friend in need is a friend indeed. 患难见真情。

  26、Live not to eat, but eat to live. 活着不是为了吃饭,吃饭为了活着。

  27、Action speaks louder than words. 行动胜过语言。

  28、East or west, home is the best. 金窝银窝不如自家草窝。

  29、It's not the gay coat that makes the gentleman. 君子在德不在衣。

  30、Beauty will buy no beef. 漂亮不能当饭吃。

  31、Like and like make good friends. 趣味相投。

  32、The older, the wiser. 姜是老的辣。

  33、Do as Romans do in Rome. 入乡随俗。

  34、An idle youth, a needy age. 少壮不努力,老大徒伤悲。

  35、As the tree, so the fruit. 种瓜得瓜,种豆得豆。

  36、To live is to learn, to learn is to better live. 活着为了学习,学习为了更好的活着。



  1、A department has the lowest sales figure in the three departments, followed by the B department and C department。

  2、The figure of A is about twice as much that of B。

  3、The income from sales is 10 million, making the company the highest one in sales。

  4、The A’s income reaches 20 million, which is in the middle of the list。


  The rise lasted for two weeks and then began to level off in June。

  The trend/ increase slowed down in May。

  The trend of increasing working hours began to gain momentum in January. (开始走强)

  Prices went up by 50%, but the number of smokers maintained。

  It picked up speed at the end of this year。

  常用词汇及表达法:increase, decrease, rise, fall, slow, down, level off, pick up speed, maintain, drop, the trend reverses, decline, gain/ lose momentum, a steady/ substantial increase, a minor/ slight/ dramatic drop



  It accounts for 30% of the total population。

  There are 4 members with master’s degrees, making up nearly a quarter of the workforce。

  Doctors make up 40% of the staff in the hospital。


  The figure of income increased by about 200% as compared with ten years ago。

  The number of students has reached 200, indicating a rise of 4%, compared to last year。


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