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Section I: Structure and Vocabulary

Part A


Beneath each of the following sentences, there are four choices marked [A], [B], [C] and [D]. Choose the one that best completes the sentence. Mark your answer on ANSWER SHEET 1 by blackening the corresponding letter in the brackets with a pencil. (5 points)


I have been to the Great Wall three times ________ 1979.

[A] from

[B] after

[C] for

[D] since

The sentence should read, “I have been to the Great Wall three times since 1979.” Therefore, you should choose [D]

Sample Answer

[A] [B] [C] []

1.     As I’ll be away for at least a year, I’d appreciate ________ from you now and then telling me how everyone is getting along.

[A] hearing

[B] to hear

[C] to be hearingA

[D] having heard

2.     Greatly agitated, I rushed to the apartment and tried the door, ________ to find it locked.

[A] just

[B] only

[C] henceB

[D] thus

3.     Doctors see a connection between increase amounts of leisure time spent ________ and the increased number of cases of skin cancer.

[A] to sunbathe

[B] to have sunbathed

[C] having sunbathedD

[D] sunbathing

4.     Unless you sign a contract with the insurance company for your goods, you are not entitled ________ a repayment for the goods damaged in delivery.

[A] to

[B] with

[C] forA

[D] on

5.     On a rainy day I was driving north through Vermont ________ I noticed a young man holding up a sign reading “Boston”.

[A] which

[B] where

[C] whenC

[D] that

6.     Christie stared angrily at her boss and turned away, as though ________ out of the office.

[A] went

[B] gone

[C] to goC

[D] would go

7.     The roles expected ________ old people in such a setting give too few psychological satisfactions for normal happiness.

[A] of

[B] on

[C] toA

[D] with

8.     Talk to anyone in the drug industry, ________ you’ll soon discover that the science of genetics is the biggest thing to hit drug research since penicillin was discovered.

[A] or

[B] and

[C] forB

[D] so

9.     It wasn’t so much that I disliked her ________ that I just wasn’t interested in the whole business.

[A] rather

[B] so

[C] thanD

[D] as

10.   Countless divorced politicians would have been elected out of office years ago had they even thought of a divorce, let alone ________ one.

[A] getting

[B] to get

[C] gottenC

[D] get

Part B


Each of the following sentences has four underlined parts marked [A], [B], [C], and [D]. Identify the part of the sentence that is incorrect and mark your answer on ANSWER SHEET 1 by blackening the corresponding letter in the brackets with a pencil. (5 points)


A number of [A] foreign visitors were taken [B] to the industrial exhibition, which [C] they saw [D] many new products.

Answer [C] is wrong. The sentence should read, “A number of foreign visitors were taken to the industrial exhibition, where they saw many new products. So you should choose [C].

Sample Answer

[A] [B] [] [D]

11.   Having isolated [A] on a remote island, with [B] little work to occupy [C] them, the soldiers suffered from boredom and low spirits [D].A

12.   If the letter to be mailed [A] was placed [B] on the writing table an hour ago, it is [C] certain being [D] there now.D

13.   The ruling [A] party could even lose its [B] majority in the lower house of parliament, started [C] a period of prolonged struggling [D].C

14.   The mechanisms at [A] work are manifest [B] in the tendency for such physical activity to [C] utilize the potential [D] harmful constituents of the stress response.D

15.   In [A] the long run, however, this hurry to shed [B] full-time staff may be more [C] harmful to industry as it is to [D] the workforce.C

16.   See to it [A] that you include in [B] the examination paper whatever [C] questions they didn’t know the answer [D] last time.D

17.   Most newspapers, while devoting [A] the major part of its [B] space to recent events, usually manage to find room [C] on the inside pages for articles on [D] some interesting topics.B

18.   One sign by which [A] you are making progress in an art [B] such as painting or photography is that [C] you begin to realize how much there is [D] to learn.A

19.   The ideal listener stays both inside and outside [A] the music at the moment it is played and enjoying [B] it almost as much as [C] the composer at the moment he composes [D].B

20.   Continued [A] exposure to stress has been linked to worsened [B] functioning of the immune system, leaving [C] a person more liable for [D] infection.D

Part C


Beneath each of the following sentences, there four choices marked [A], [B], [C] and [D]. Choose the one that best completes the sentence. Mark your answer on ANSWER SHEET 1 by blackening the corresponding letter in the brackets with a pencil. (10 points)


The lost car of the Lees was found ________ in the woods off the highway.

[A] vanished

[B] scattered

[C] abandoned

[D] rejected

The sentence should read, “The lost car of the Lees was found abandoned in the woods off the highway.” Therefore, you should choose [C].

Sample Answer

[A] [B] [][D]

21.   He spoke so ________ that even his opponents were won over by his arguments.

[A] bluntly

[B] convincingly

[C] emphaticallyB

[D] determinedly

22.   France’s ________ of nuclear testing in the South Pacific last month triggered political debates and mass demonstrations.

[A] assumption

[B] consumption

[C] presumptionD

[D] resumption

23.   The 215-page manuscript, circulated to publishers last October, ________ an outburst of interest.

[A] flared

[B] glittered

[C] sparkedC

[D] flashed

24.   His efforts to bring about a reconciliation between the two Parties ________.

[A] came off

[B] came on

[C] came roundA

[D] came down

25.   The system was redesigned to embrace the network and eventually ________ it in a profitable direction.

[A] adapt

[B] control

[C] installD

[D] steer

26.   The capital intended to broaden the export base and ________ efficiency gains from international trade was channeled instead into uneconomic import substitution.

[A] secure

[B] extend

[C] defendA

[D] possess

27.   It is announced that a wallet has been found and can be ________ at the manager’s office.

[A] declared

[B] obtained

[C] reclaimedC

[D] recognized

28.   When I ________ my senses, I found myself wrapped up in bed in my little room, with Grandma bending over me.

[A] woke up

[B] took to

[C] picked upD

[D] came to

29.   The American society is ________ an exceedingly shaky foundation of natural resources, which is connected with the possibility of a worsening environment.

[A] established on

[B] affiliated to

[C] originated fromA

[D] incorporated with

30.   I am not ________ with my roommate but I have to share the room with her, because I have nowhere else to live.

[A] concerned

[B] compatible

[C] considerateB

[D] complied

31.   At first, the ________ of color pictures over a long distance seemed impossible, but, with painstaking efforts and at great expense, it became a reality.

[A] transaction

[B] transmission

[C] transformationB

[D] transition

32.   When the committee ________ to details, the proposed plan seemed impractical.

[A] got down

[B] set about

[C] went offA

[D] came up

33.   ________ to some parts of South America is still difficult, because parts of the continent are still covered with thick forests.

[A] Orientation

[B] Access

[C] ProcessionB

[D] Voyage

34.   Mr. Smith had an unusual ________: he was first an office clerk, then a sailor, and ended up as a school teacher.

[A] profession

[B] occupation

[C] positionD

[D] career

35.   The mayor is a woman with great ________ and therefore deserves our political and financial support.

[A] intention

[B] instinct

[C] integrityC

[D] intensity

36.   The English weather defies forecast and hence is a source of interest ________ to everyone.

[A] speculation

[B] attribution

[C] utilizationA

[D] proposition

37.   The fact that the golden eagle usually builds its nest on some high cliffs ________ it almost impossible to obtain the eggs or the young birds.

[A] renders

[B] reckons

[C] regardsA

[D] relates

38.   To impress a future employer, one should dress neatly, be ________, and display interest in the job.

[A] swift

[B] instant

[C] timelyD

[D] punctual

39.   You don’t have to install this radio in your new car, it’s an ________ extra.

[A] excessive

[B] optional

[C] additionalB

[D] arbitrary

40.   We were pleased to note that the early morning delivery didn’t ________ to the traffic jam of the busy city.

[A] aid

[B] amount

[C] addC

[D] attribute

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